9 Reasons Why You Should Forget Plastic Water Bottles And Go For Reusable Ones

Staying hydrated throughout the day is one way to maintain a healthy body and avoid getting sick. Whether you’re at home or on the road, it’s easy to keep hydrated when you have personalized water bottles within reach. There are so many different kinds of water bottles available in stores and online so you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. However, one of the best choices you can make is getting one that’s not made from plastic.

Here are 9 reasons why ditching plastic bottles for reusable ones is the way to go:

1. Better for the planet

As the world continues to experience climate change, it has never been more important to do our part in helping the earth heal and achieve its natural balance. Opting for personalized water bottles means you make the choice to use a product more than once, lessening the trash that you contribute to our landfills.

2. Health impact

You might have noticed that many reusable water bottles have labels saying they’re BPA-free. This is because BPA, which is commonly used in the manufacturing of plastic products, has been known to pose hazards to our health. Drinking from a plastic bottle all the time can increase the risk of BPA entering our system and compromising our health. You can avoid this by simply going for a bottle that isn’t made of plastic.

3. Cost

We don’t notice it right away, but the cost of buying water bottles all the time can add up and actually make a sizable dent in our budget. Going for a reusable water bottle means that you open your wallet less, save money, and still get the drink that you want. Yes, the initial cost of a water bottle may be slightly more expensive than a water bottle, but if you add up the expense over time, you’ll be surprised by how much money you can save by going the reusable route.

4. Durable

Plastic bottles can easily be crushed or dented and generally don’t last a long time. That’s because a lot of plastic bottles aren’t made to be used again and again. You won’t have this problem with a reusable bottle because they’re designed to be sturdy and will stay with you for years. Some bottles can even withstand being dropped by accident, or changing elements like sunny weather or rainy days.

5. Hot drinks

Personalized water bottles can be used for hot beverages like coffee or tea. You can sip on your drink without worrying about burning your hands. You also don’t have to worry about your drink getting cold because the insulation can keep it warm for hours.

6. Cold drinks

On the other hand, you don’t have to find a separate water bottle when you want to enjoy cold drinks like iced tea or a slushie. You can even put ice cubes or ice chips to make it super cold and your water bottle will be the perfect vessel.

7. Convenient

Another great thing about personalized water bottles is that they take on different forms to suit your needs. You can get wide-mouthed bottles or fit them with a straw cap or a spout cap. You can even attach straps to your bottle for easier transport during activities like hikes.

8. Style

If you’re gonna be drinking from your water bottle all day, chances are you might want to decorate it or have it reflect your own personal style. The great thing about reusable bottles is you can decorate them with stickers and even choose the color that you want.

9. Better for animals

It’s not unusual to hear of animals getting injured by bits of plastic found in the ocean. Studies have shown that fish also tend to eat the plastic and get ill. One way we can reduce the risk of more plastic ending up in our waters is to get reusable bottles instead.