Easy Options for the Right Kind of CBD Packaging

The custom CBD packaging is often as important as the product itself. It can effectively catch the eye, arouse interest and convince people to buy. Therefore we dedicate this text completely to the Custom CBD oil packaging which is the quintessence of creativity and good branding. It will be surprising, colorful and unusual.

Packaging That Tells a Story

The hero here is the hinged lid box that you can do almost anything with! Printing in one color, in a full palette and the option of using extras such as finishing or slipcase all of this makes the product, which should actually only be an addition to the main purchase or protection during transport, into a small work of art that is exactly the same is as attractive as the object of purchase. The packaging is the first moment of contact with a brand’s visual identity and an opportunity to establish a dialogue with the recipient. Make sure that your packaging stimulates the imagination and tells a beautiful story at first sight.

Minimalism is still a strong trend in packaging design. The pure form, the lack of ornaments and the strongly emphasized advertising slogan help to get the message right. Extras can increase the aesthetic value of the simplest Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes packaging.

Attract, Shock, Surprise

This strategy is useful when you are looking for an interesting differentiator to convince a potential buyer to buy your product amid other manufacturers’ offers. There are many strategies out there, and before you get into the design phase, you should examine the market, find out what the competition isn’t, and tailor the idea to suit your company’s needs. Let the visual identity of your products correspond with your brand values ​​and convey their energy. Below you will find some inspiring examples that are only contained in this convention.

Wrap According To the Candy Principle, But With the Bottom Please

Please pack each Custom CBD pakaging individually and completely. Under no circumstances should two glasses stand without packaging, practically the edge of the glass against the edge of the glass. This often has a lot of broken glass, especially with valuable, thin glasses if the box is shaken or held at a slight angle. Wrap high-quality glasses in multiple layers in bubble wrap or roll able corrugated cardboard. Several layers of newspaper get a volume with a cushioning effect, in which they are crumpled up a bit beforehand. In case if you wrap a glass too carelessly then there is a high chance that when the box will get cleared out later, it slipped down out of its newspaper envelope. For better safety you can place each glass in the middle of the newspaper or the bubble wrap and then turned it up all around.