Extending the Bread Life Effectively and How?

While bread is known to bring about immense happiness on the table, it is also accompanied by a shorter life expectancy. For those not bothered about your bread growing mold, you might be worried about them becoming stale. 

It doesn’t matter if your favorite bread is bought from the store, baked at home, or is bakery fresh, you can extend bread life (ยืด อายุ ขนมปัง, which is the term in Thai) when you choose to keep them in an air-tight plastic container. This is because the staling process is enhanced through circulation.

Know-How Bread’s Shelf Life

Fat is counted as a natural preservative. So, it is inevitable that any food with more fat will freeze and preserve well, besides lasting longer. Bread made of butter and eggs, for instance; banana bread will stale slower than French bread which is leaner. The kind of flour that is used to make bread also contributes to the moisture and fat content. The bread made with almond flour will preserve better than bread made of all-purpose flour, given how the natural nut component is capable of storing a fatter amount.

Storing Fresh Bread for Effective Storage

Divide the Bread LoafCut the bread into thirds, or in whatever proportion you wish to consume it before it turns stale. You can divide them into multiple slices. Cool your bread after baking them, before storing them.

  • Leave One Portion of the Bread in Normal Temperature

Store the bread in a specific bread box or inside an airtight box. Ensure to consume this freshly baked stored bread within 3-4 days.

  • Prepare the Remaining Portion for Long-Term Storage

Keep the remaining portion of the bread covered in separate sections and wrap the bread inside a plastic box.

  • Keep Freezing the Bread Until You Want to Eat Them

Put the bread inside the plastic air-tight containers and keep the same inside the freezer.

Buy A Good-Quality Breadbox

Nothing replaces the power of a good-quality breadbox in storing the bread and increasing their life span. The breadbox is a great method to prolong your longevity. Breadbox is always a better solution than airtight containers because not only are they breathable but also make way for balanced airflow and humidity. This will help you to extend bread life.

The life span of a bread loaf is based on the loaf type, the raw materials it uses followed by the preservatives. You can prolong the life of a lighter bread if you freeze it. As for starchy bread, they will themselves last longer, consider how they are packed with protein.