Flavored Cigars, A Pleasure You Can’t Refuse

Tatiana cigars are made best in class Dominican tobacco. They have exquisite and handy wrappers from Indonesia and Dominican Republic folders. These cigars arrive in an assortment of vitolas. You can purchase your #1 Tatiana cigar by flavor or size. These are premium flavored cigars in the cigar market. Each cigar is made by the most elevated and strictest cigar standards worldwide, giving each Tatiana an interesting first-class flavor. Smokers of the Tatiana brand will authenticate that the Tatiana brand’s absolute most charming characteristics are that these cigars are extra mellow, occupy a whole life with a rich aroma, and make your faculties excite and lift.

The size classification depends on the classic Tatiana cigar collection. Like all Tatianas, this one is no particular case with regards to building. They have a similar first-class Dominican tobacco, Dominican binder, and an Indonesian wrapper. The classics boast the best premium flavors alongside generous aromas that hush the faculties. Their quality is astounding with an example, dissimilar to some other you have encountered: uncommonly smooth and alluring. The whole collection of Tatiana classics is burned equally all through the smoke. Tatiana’s magnum opuses will last you 30 to 45 minutes.

Tatiana’s classic cigars are accessible in a few unique flavors. These are the classic Tatiana cherry, the classic chocolate, the customary cinnamon, the traditional honey, the classic rum, and the classic vanilla, which are accessible in a case of 25 cigars and an example bunch of 5 cigars. Tatiana’s classic groovy blue cigars trio, dozing cap, and reminder are accessible in a crate of 25 cigars and an example bunch of 5 cigars.

The Tatiana Trio groovy blue cigars are made with similar excellent tobacco as the ordinary Classic. Its unmistakable flavors of Amboise black raspberries, Acacia honey, and cognac concentrates will take you to another degree of delight. Sweet and aromatic.

It may be said that the Tatiana Lavita cigars are a more modest assortment of the Classic Tatiana cigars. The Lavita cigars likewise have the very goal and burning that can be uniform all through the smoke. Tatiana Lavita will give you around 25 to 35 minutes of unadulterated joy like no other. The Lavita and the Classic are accessible in cinnamon, chocolate, cherry, rum, vanilla, and honey. They are accessible in a case of 25 and an example bunch of 5 cigars.

The Classic brand Dolce type is the most slender of all (Classic and Lavita). It is realized that this cigar, notwithstanding being dainty, offers a significant chance to smoke cigars. It will last you around 20-30 minutes. The Dolce is intended to have a perfect example and a level and continuous burn. It is accessible in a few varieties, including Dolce Amaretto, cappuccino, cherry, chocolate, honey, cinnamon, tangerine, rum, tropical, and vanilla. They are accessible in a pack of 50 and a bunch of 5 cigars.

The Tatiana brand additionally accompanies smaller than expected packs that can be appreciated on holiday, outdoors, or anyplace, whenever. Notwithstanding, they don’t keep going as long as the other Tatianas. The Tatiana trio cigars are another Tatiana item that accompanies three remarkable flavors blended into one. The groovy blue cigars have concentrates of cognac, acacia honey, vanilla, and black Amboise. The NightCap Tatiana trio has vanilla with Marcona almonds, cacao criollo, and Arabica espresso. The Waking Dream contains vanilla cream, malt whisky, and Piedmontese hazelnuts. The Sweet Euphoria has German chocolate, acacia honey blended in with the natural product. The Tatian combination furor has cognac removes blended in with delectable enthusiasm leafy foods vanilla. The Tatiana Mocha cigars are viewed as the union purpose of flavors of the Tatiana brand. They are hand-rolled and come in three exceptional sizes. They have a delicate and gentle flavor shape. It is sweet in a distant manner.