HONOR Band 5 In-depth Evaluation

HONOR’s band products of past generations have family inheritance in design. And they have high recognition in appearance. The lines of square and circle are segmented and fused with each other. Their appearance still focuses on sports elements. This time HONOR Band 5 is no exception. Buy Band 5 can bring excellent decorative effect to users. It has very complete internal functions.

This Band 5 is fine in workmanship. The soft rubber rings are made of more elastic plastic materials. It ensures the strength and makes them feel lighter to wear. The weight is 23 g. It has reached the cutting-edge 50M waterproof level. And it is not afraid of all kinds of rainfall and dusty environment encountered. The charging method is convenient. You can charge without disassembling the band. Contact charging eliminates the need for a charging tank. This further enhancing its water resistant.

HONOR Band 5’s AMOLED magic color screen has 240*120 high resolution. And ppi reaches 282. It is of high quality in terms of hardware itself. The photo-level display effect is clear and delicate to the naked eye. The design of HOME key with curved 2.5 D glass and one key back to the main interface. It is smooth visually and in operation.

The main health functions of HONOR Band 5 cover the monitoring functions of the three core health elements. They are blood oxygen detection, TruSeen 3.5 intelligent heart rate monitoring and TruSleep2.0 scientific sleep monitoring. The heart rate algorithm is supported by scientific research institutes. The detection data are professional and authoritative.

The biggest upgrade is the provision of blood oxygen testing. Blood oxygen saturation is one of the five most critical health indicators of human body. Along with heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory frequency and temperature. Blood oxygen saturation can reflect oxygen supply. If the blood oxygen content is low, it will cause fatigue, drowsiness, insufficient energy, memory decline and other symptoms. Long-term insufficient blood oxygen content will cause damage to brain, heart and other organs. Snoring people, excessive mental workers, elderly people, people in high mountain anoxic environment should pay attention to this.

The method of measuring blood oxygen of HONOR Band 5 is easy to use. Wear the band correctly with the screen facing up. Click it in the band function option to start measurement. Then remain stationary. Then HONOR Band 5 carry out signal extraction.  It uses different reflection and absorption rates of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin to specific light. The results are obtained through the algorithm.

Set up continuous heart rate tests in software. When this function, you can see real-time heart rate data. HONOR Band 5 supports HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 heart rate technology. It can detect exercise heart rate, 24-hour continuous heart rate, resting heart rate. And there will be reminders when the heart rate rises. Let users know their heart rate at any time. About heart rate monitoring. HONOR Band 5 is much faster in detection speed than band products of the same price. Lifting the wrist for seconds will know the heart rate result .

About health management function. Especially in the field of blood oxygen detection function. HONOR Band 5 is unique compared with competitors in the market. It has obvious competitive advantages. If there is a need to buy bands recently and more emphasis is placed on health, sports and other functions, this HONOR Band 5 will be an excellent choice.