How Layering is Important for the Winter Months

Winter is coming and as the pumpkins appear in the shops and the nights draw in, we start to think about our clothing choices for the next few months. As we wave goodbye to the shorts and t shirts of the summer months, we think about our winter wardrobes.

For a great autumn and winter wardrobe, one of the key things is layering. This is a great skill to have when it comes to dressing well for any weather – particularly great for work wear as well as those autumn mornings that start off frosty and chilly and by the afternoon the sun is blazing down.

It is a way that we can still look great, no matter what the notorious bad British weather throws at us! So, when it comes to layering, what do we need to be doing to make it work?

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For casual days a t shirt is always good – a good quality t shirt like these mens Superdry T shirts  are great to put on under a trendy shirt – either a thicker material or in a thinner material which is then layered again with a waterproof coat or cosy parka jacket.

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For a smarter look, think polo shirts or roll neck tops – these are smarter and look great with a warm sweater for the office or for a night out. The key thing to remember with layering is that we can add and remove layers and look good as well as feeling comfortable.