How Mothers Influence Their Children’s Character


Author Mitch Albom once said that “when you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that it is the purest love you can find on this earth.” With the love they selflessly give, mothers are indeed one of the biggest gifts life can ever give. Once they pass away, bereaved children will feel an unfathomable amount of loss — something that no memorial gifts for loss of mother can compensate for. This is how influential these amazing women can be in their children’s lives.

We’re dedicating this article to dive deep into how moms affect their child’s character and development.

Maternal bond teaches children their first emotions. Moms are considered as their children’s first link to any kind of emotional bonding. The intimacy that breastfeeding and caregiving offer help convey emotions that are essential in life. This is also why moms are advised to take time off work and other activities and spend quality time with their babies.

Mothers make their children feel secure. Mothers unselfishly look after their children and make sacrifices for their sake. As those who are on the receiving end, children can learn the value of caring for others. These basic virtues of being considerate and compassionate are important in the development of an individual’s character.

A mother’s love can transcend genetics. How children handle stress can be genetic. In one study, infants with DNA linked to risky behavior showed a decreased vagal tone. With a reduced vagal tone, their heart rates spike during stressful scenarios. However, the research noted that by the time they became one year old, those with risky genes who received a high level of care from their mothers have exhibited improved heart response.

Mothers literally affect one’s brain. Involved motherhood can literally change a child’s brain. A study found that children who were well cared for by their moms had larger hippocampus. Hippocampus is the part of the brain associated with learning and memory.

Mothers are considered great spiritual teachers. Children consider their moms as role models in different aspects of life — including spirituality. A mom with a stronger faith can also positively influence a child, helping them be more resilient during tough times. Scientists found that spirituality comprises up to 27% of a child’s happiness levels.

Talking to mothers offers a different perspective. Of course, it goes without saying that parents are far more experienced than youngsters. This is why experts encourage young individuals to be more open to their parents, particularly to their moms. Having a meaningful conversation with a mother can help you see things in a different, more positive light. Scientifically speaking, hearing your mother’s voice can also activate the brain, igniting critical parts that are linked with emotions.

A mother’s impact lasts a lifetime. One’s physical and mental health can be influenced by parental support. Several studies note that having a nurturing mom can decrease one’s risk of developing chronic health conditions and depressive symptoms. This is why even after the passing of a mother, many invest in remembrance items such as memorial gifts for loss of mother — these remind them of the powerful, transformative, and selfless love they received from their mom.

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