Impact Of Information Age On Technology And Society

The past few decades have seen tremendous change in tech world and in the shifting patterns of its subjects given the rapid change in computing and communications and as all of its signifiers point out, that, it is not planning to slow down anytime sooner. The neo revolution progressed in informational techs has been the cause of falling price in the cost of communication. The data cost or the devices that contained those have seen cheaper services and so the accessibility has gone much higher.

As Moore’s law predicts the situation, the processing powers of the microchips are getting enhanced into double in each course of 18 months. Innovations in techs are having massive effects on several domains of the society and culture; the policy makers are developing terms on the economic productivity, privacy terms, intellectual property rights, and affordability as well as accessibility of new informations. Changes made now, will have an almost everlasting effect over the generations to come.

The Shifting models of commerce and Market structure:

It is undeniably the sector which has undergone through massive changes and the changes erupting on the surface has been convenient for millions around the globe. The reduction of distance and the graphic distribution of work are shifting radically. It is due to the rise of internet and e-commerce in the past decade or so that we are seeing this abrupt shift from the mall, shop goers to a new culture of home shopping.

Software firms are trying to overcome the tight saturated market by sending by sending projects to countries like India where the penetration has only begun. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, e-bay, Myntra, are changing the dynamics of buyer-seller relationship. However, a number of industries are getting affected by it. The distribution is the area getting affected the most as e-commerce is a way to supply and deliver goods. Although e-commerce can definitely enlarge the job pool market by extending the market reach beyond the traditional market. Jobs are both created and destroyed by the e-commerce although the tilt is very to predict.

Changes in Education:

The age of technologies has been very confusing for the students since it has been hard to predict which way the next  market  growth is about to happen. Since the last decade several grounds of engineering has been expanding rapidly since a developing country needs its developers yet the promised jobs have not lived up to the expectation.

On the contrary the almost saturated job market is creating a lot of troubles for the debt bearing students. The basics of computer have been an indispensable part and the ins and outs of cyber world are providing lots of jobs contrary to what was promised to the other sectors. Therefore free background check of the particular field or college or your employer or the company history has been very important. The credibility issues are in rise since both employer and the employee can be working from miles away.

Growing up in a world is both terrifying and exciting as ever and the journey offers more thrill and excitement than boring ancient devotional dogmas.