Know The Ways You Can Produce Impactful Boxing Punches

Punching is central to boxing. Meaning, if you cannot master the art of punching, you are out of boxing. And that says it all about why you should give particular emphasis on learning the punching skill than anything else.

After you join a boxing gym, you will come across many learners getting stuck after exposing themselves to the boxing basics. If you figure out the deficit, you will find that they lacked punching skills.

We are outlining here some of the essential tips for you to master punching so that you can take yourself to the next level.


You should avoid being tensed and relax as much as possible. When you relax, your muscles become calm, and you save energy. You, thus, can punch harder.


Do not let your eyes off your opponent. Fix your eyes on your opponent all the time. Make sure you are looking straight on to your opponent while throwing punches. But be careful not to look intensely as that would help your opponent to estimate the strength of your punch.


Make it a point after every punch to breathe out. Do not exhale all the air in one go, do so in small breaths. When you exhale correctly, you save energy so you can punch harder.


Punch your opponent with the force of your entire body all at once. It will produce a powerful punch with less effort.

Maintain Balance

Take care to maintain your balance. When you stay balanced, you can throw more offensive punches as well as execute defensive tactics.

Use Your Other Hand

Your hands are meant for punching, as well as defending. When you punch with one hand, protect yourself with your other hand. Implement the defensive tactic of the glove covering the chin, and the elbow safeguarding your body.


 Withdraw your punching arm quickly to restrict any damage during the punch. But you need to be extra careful not to retract very quickly as that will take off some of the punching power. With proper training, you will learn to retract your fist at the right time.

Along with the know-how on the ways of punching your opponent effectively, you need to know the physical and mental benefits of boxing.

Please go through the infographic in this post to know all the benefits associated with boxing.