Martial Arts with Deca for Beginners: muscle gaining and aerobic training

Martial Arts for beginners is a section of the site with which you can

Martial Arts for beginners is always a trip to the section where they will tell you about the main techniques, teach the technique of your chosen style of martial art.

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For beginners, training in a specialized section has the following advantages:

The opportunity to learn the basics of the battle, put the technique of performing basic techniques under the guidance of a mentor. The abundance of training videos allows you to receive in the street or at home, but you may not perform them correctly, injure yourself or your partner. Without a few months of training in the section, getting a basic understanding of martial arts is difficult.

The presence of sparring partners. Without sparring, martial arts are not martial arts. If you have no one to practice with, then all the training methods, which we will discuss below, will be ineffective

Another atmosphere. In training, where the coach and partners are watching you, hacking is much more difficult than at home.

Muscle gain

The technical component is important, but without the presence of strong, efficient, hardy muscles, a beginner will not be able to fully master martial arts.

Martial Arts for beginners are 2 types of training in the gym:

Normal strength training. We perform only basic exercises that work out maximum muscles. Squats with a barbell, pulls to the chin on the horizontal bar, bench press lying, deadlift, push-ups on the bars, draft in the slope, lifting the legs in the hang – these exercises need to be the basis of strength training.

Circular training. The same exercises, only in smaller quantities and with a different scheme for their implementation. Read more about the circular training at the link above.

We work in 3-5 approaches (in a circular training – circles) when performing 8-20 repetitions. Rest between sets – 1-2 minutes. Between exercises – 3-4. Lap training will look like this:

Aerobic training

Martial Arts for beginners is:

Developed cardiovascular system. The heart should be able to drive out the volume of blood necessary for training on an increased pulse

Developed respiratory system. The athlete must not suffocate during training or combat.

Aerobic training is part of the training process, which is undeservedly short on time in specialized sections. The reason is that the necessary amount of knowledge was obtained only in recent decades, and specialists who received the basis of knowledge 15-20 years ago do not know about the need for heart training.

In many sections, trainers drive novices into submaximal pulse indicators, which is unacceptable with an undeveloped cardiovascular system. Overloading the heart muscle leads to the fact that a newcomer, who is now 20, will die from a heart attack at 60, and not at 75.

The development of the cardiovascular system is a long, low-intensity aerobic exercise. Running, jumping rope, swimming, skiing, cycling.

An athlete who purposefully develops the cardiovascular system can:

Improve the results in martial arts. Your stamina will increase significantly.

Improve health, increase life expectancy.

Level the negative impact of high-intensity training on the heart and blood vessels. The cardiovascular system will be ready to work at a high pulse.