Office booths and Their Purpose In The Work Environment  

Inspired by industrial architecture and atmosphere, the acoustic booth supports the sound quality of today’s office spaces. Its name means “box” in Japanese, a reference to the traditional grid in the region’s architecture, and emphasizes the structure’s modularity.

 Thoughtful design has made it possible to eliminate the floor without sacrificing stability. This increases mobility, adapts the shed to the needs of people with disabilities and facilitates cable routing.

A wide range of possibilities: a basic office phone booth or a self-contained architectural whole formed by combining individual elements. Automatic lighting and a quiet fan promote work comfort. Acoustic booths provide privacy for conversations and meetings, allowing effective zoning without needing permanent walls.


The growing trend toward open-plan office design will move forward. It is likely that soon we will all be working in such spaces, regardless of our position.

 While this approach has a lot of pluses and facilitates communication, it is also a big blow against employee privacy. To ensure the possibility of a seamless phone conversation, think about introducing The Box or The Hauz phone booth, which will allow privacy even in the most crowded open space.

Such a soundproof booth for the office will also be great for all kinds of conferences. The murmurs from the room will not be distracting and will not make the conversation uncomfortable.

Office booths thanks to the compact design and ergonomic form of the phone booth, will find use even in a small room. 

provides space for phone conversations and creates ideal conditions for concentration guaranteeing privacy in a noisy open space. Quiet zones in demanding, bustling office spaces

Privacy for conversations or convenient conditions for concentration – the Meeting booth system makes it possible to designate comfortable and multi-purpose spaces. 

Depending on your needs, they can become a spacious phone booth for the office or a comfortable meeting place for 2-4 people, creating conditions for focused work, important conversations, or team brainstorming.


We all need more sufficiently large space. No wonder – buildings and even cities limit us. On the other hand, we are limited by laws on how much available workspace an employee should have. Minimalism, then, has to be sought somewhere else.


 What if instead of small conference rooms, where two people usually meet, we invested in special office booths, which could be placed anywhere, even in the middle of open space? This is exactly the solution introduced by the Big Hauz acoustic booth.

 Dedicating a separate room for supervisor-employee meetings is expensive and requires sacrificing a lot more space. Imagine one big, open space with a hundred desks and a dozen small booths in the middle. Zero wasted space. Everything is used to its fullest potential.

Why you should have an office booths

For companies with a large number of employees, especially for open space, it is ideal because it meets users’ needs. Often working in a large space, we need the opportunity to finpeace we can talk to a customer on the phone or to another employee in private in peace and quiet. 

And in this situation, the office booths works perfectly because using it and its acoustic qualities, it precisely soundproofs and creates an atmospheric place for a quiet conversation.

 This innovative solution for offices does not generate additional costs of remodeling the building and creating a separate room. It just makes it easier than it is mobile enough to be placed where you want.

 Single ones usually have wheels, while multiple ones can be rearranged by disassembling, moving, and reassembling them.