Perth’s most beautiful yoga retreats

Yoga is considered a meditative exercise that originated from India and found its way to the west a few centuries ago. Today, yoga holds a prominent place in keeping a person healthy by means of mind and body togetherness. All over the world, cities are offering yoga retreats as part of their travel packages for those who want to seek serenity through meditation. One such destination is Perth.

Famous for its beaches and coastal regions, the city is home to some of the world’s most beautiful yoga retreats. The trained professionals at these places help to improve a person’s overall wellbeing by teaching them various meditation techniques. If you are looking for a change in environment and want to take time out from your hectic daily schedule, consider visiting these yoga retreats in Perth.

1) CoCo Bodhi

This yoga and retreat center is in the heart of Fremantle and is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and shops. The studio has various classes such as Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Sivananda Yoga amongst others. These yoga courses help to improve a person’s flexibility, endurance and increase their resistance power. The classes are mainly held in the morning and evenings between 8 am to 10 pm.


This center is located at a scenic spot called North Beach not far from the city center. The retreat offers Yoga, a Psychedelic workshop, Outdoor Adventure workshops, and more. This yoga studio has several programs to choose from for people of all ages. If you are looking for an activity that will help you in reconnecting with your body this place is recommended.

3) Matara Retreat & Spa – Matara Yoga

This retreat center is located in the Perth hills with views of Swan Valley. The resort has accommodation facilities for people looking to stay with them. Daily yoga classes are held here that help infuse positivity into your day. Apart from regular meditation sessions, weekend workshops are also held on topics like Om Chanting and Mindfulness Meditation which help participants to seek a deeper connection with their inner selves.

4) Perth Yoga Retreats – Matara Festival of Yoga

This studio has a large space for yoga which consists of a huge stage and a unique outdoor hot tub. The retreat organizes various workshops on topics related to creative living, meditation, health, and happiness. Yoga enthusiasts from all over the country visit this place to take part in these workshops and courses that are held on a regular basis.

5) Yoga with Friends Meditation Retreats at Matara Retreat & Spa

Located near Perth, this center has meditation and yoga retreats for people who believe in mind and body togetherness. As the retreat is located in a relaxing environment you can spend your time here without being under any stress. Various yoga and meditation techniques are taught at the place which helps people have a deeper understanding of these ancient arts.

6) IYA Retreats – Yoga & Meditation Spas

This retreat center has a beautiful campus with a view of hills and the river. The center offers workshops that are held by experienced yoga instructors who are trained to provide you with the necessary knowledge to help you begin your journey in the art of yoga.

7) Retreats at Swan Valley – IYA Yoga Retreats

This is another place located in Perth which has a beautiful retreat space for people to stay in. The studio offers various yoga retreats with healthy meals and accommodation facilities for people who want to learn more about the ancient art forms of yoga meditation. This place has two beautiful yoga halls where you can sit and read books or spend time with friends.

8) Perth Yoga Retreat – Essence Retreats

This studio is located in the beautiful Perth hills where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. The classes are held for people of all age groups and aim to increase flexibility, strength and improve balance. This yoga studio also has several meditation retreats which help participants learn about various techniques that one must follow to lead a happy life.


If you are looking to participate in something that will occupy your mind and body look no further than the studios mentioned above. Whether it’s meditation, yoga retreats, or other workshops these places have something for everyone who is interested in spirituality and healthy living. These centers not only provide you with physical benefits but also help you learn about yourself.

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