Repairify Wants To Revolutionised Mobile Repairing Industry Founders Speak


                                             Sidharth Elwadhi                            Tushar Channa

Promise:  From The Desk Of CEO: Sidharth Elwadhi, COO Tushar Channa and Head Creative and Marketing Aanchal Bhatia

Repairify will make the repairs of your mobile phone more affordable and faster!

For all the Millenials and Gen Z population, smartphones are not just a device for communication, but it’s a lifeline that engages most of their time, energy and money. A damaged smartphone delivers the exact feel to the young generation as a hurt child gives to a mother. Although the gentle service and care provided by Repairify to your damaged smartphone will bring it to life. Now you might think, why Repairify? So here are the reasons you should go to this amazing company for your mobile solutions.

  1. Quality and Affordability: While repairing your smartphone, the foremost concern of Repairify is to complete the purpose of repair. And that is to deliver quality in your device in affordable pricing. It’s very important to ensure quality in repairing so that no further damage could hamper the functionality of your device. Also with an affordable price range, Repairify offer repairs for all types of damages with no compromise in the quality. The additional quality check stage guarantees a great service for your smartphone.
  2. Quick Solutions With Skilled Service: Your smartphones must get repaired in a very less period so that you can get back with your digital life. Repairify provides quick and effective solutions for your damaged smartphones. The skilled team of technicians do a precise study of the functioning of your smartphone and instantly comes up with a solution. These solutions are then implied and a quality result in extracted.
  3. Free Smartphone Assessment: Mobile damages can be of various types and can cause due to various parts. For an effective solution, it’s very important to understand what part of the smartphone is responsible for creating that problem. Repairify understands this very factor and provides you with a free assessment of your smartphone. The free assessment also benefits you with correct solutions and the quote for them. A smartphone assessment helps in analysing the problem in detail. For instance, you can see the phone is continuously hanging, however, you can’t see any external damage. In that case, you need to have an assessment of your phone as it will detect the accurate problem which is causing this damage. It could be related to motherboard, continuous heating or due to any liquid damage. Repairify understands all these factors and accordingly provide a free assessment that helps in detecting the cause of the problem.
  4. After Repair Warranty: Multiple mobile repair shops are available in the market, although you cannot trust anyone with your beloved smartphone. You need to check the one which responsibly takes care of your phone and provide skilled treatment for the damage. A quality service can be assumed by the warranty and guarantee a brand provides after its service. Repairify provides an After Repair Warranty which signifies their confidence in their service. Also, it shows how concerned Repairify is to deliver quality and satisfaction in their service.

So these factors show how efficient as well as economically Repairify will bring functionality in your smartphones. The solutions provided by Repairify are quick and come from a reliable team of technicians. It’s very important that you get to know about the process, hence Repairify connects you with each step and progress of your phone repair.