The Guide to What to do and see in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Jaffa or Yafo in Hebrew is a small city with a uniquely rich history established on the southern shoreline of Tel Aviv. The city has some giant mass of buildings and one of the oldest ports in the world. Old Jaffa has some amazing architectural delights, small little incredibly beautiful galleries and studies and delicious eateries, while Tel Aviv has an European flavor and is quite different from Old Jaffa.

The beautiful alleys and galleries of Old Jaffa

You should basically commence your tour from the famous alleys of Old Jaffa. They are simple to find and take to you the main promenade of the city. You will get endless occasions to take out your camera and start clicking. 

The Old Jaffa alleys aren’t just a delight for tourists. You have amazing galleries, studious and stores to go through along with Ilana Goor Museum.  It is a renowned museum and houses some amazing paintings, jewelry, sculptures and furniture. Constructed 250 years ago for the Jewish pilgrims, the museum has incredible walls of honey color rocks and elegant arches. It gives you an picturesque sea view too from all its windows.

Another location worth your view is Tel Aviv is the beautiful store of Nano Jewelry. The store is a tourist attraction point and is a kind of miniature museum for all the passersby. It is a must stop destination for those who want to go through the jewelry line of the past and present jewelry line. You can stop by and check the high tech revolutionary methods used to craft every single Nano Jewelry collection. The miniature new testament bible necklace is highly famous. It is quite a charm to watch it and the makers request the tourists to check out their modern marvel. 

Enjoy some amazing bargain deals by shopping in Jaffa Flea Market

Being a tourist you definitely should pick one or two souvenir from the local stores to have the local flavors of the city when you reach back home. It is like including some retail vacation therapy from your trip. You can head to Yefet Street from the port. A short walking distance from the Clock Tower and you will come across plethora of antiques and treasure stores.

Nano Jewelry is one such store in Jaffa Flea Market to buy some amazing vintage and new jewelry collection. Even if you don’t want to shop, you can witness the innovative methodology through which they precisely carve each and every miniature New Testament Bible necklace. You will certainly love the piece. So, Nano Jewelry is a must visit store in Jaffa Flea Market. If you are looking for something exciting to do in Jaffa, then this should be your first activity.

After you have checked out the magnificently incredible collection, you can take some breathe at a café or coffee shop and get some welcoming relief here. And after you are done shopping and enjoying in Old Jaffa, then you should check out the other neighborhood locations.