The Top 5 Lake Games the Whole Family Will Love

With roughly 102,500 lakes, the United States has the third highest number of lakes in any country in the world. Canada and Russia are the only two countries that have more lakes.

Lakes not only affect our weather and provide a food source, they’re also a great place for family vacations.

But, you can only do so much fishing and lounging on the beach. Sometimes you need an activity the whole family can do together.

That’s where lake games come in. Read on to learn some of the best lake games for the family that will liven up your next vacation.

  1. F.I.S.H.

This game is a bit like HORSE in basketball. But, instead of shooting a basket, the first player will do a task. For example, do a somersault in the water or blow bubbles for 20 seconds.

Then, the other players will try to copy it. If they can’t, they’ll get a letter. The first player to spell the word FISH loses the game.

This is a fun game to play with family members of all ages, from toddlers to adults. Just try to stick to tasks that are physically possible for everyone to try.

  1. Cannonball Competition 

Whether you have access to a boat, a water trampoline, or a simple dock, you can have a cannonball competition. Have each person cannonball into the water and see how big of a splash they can make.

This is an easy game for people of all ages since it has no rules to follow! Just make sure kids or anyone who’s not a confident swimmer is wearing a life vest.

  1. Turned To Stone

This game is a twist on tag, but it’s more challenging since you play it in the water. Choose one person to be ‘it’ or the hunter.

The hunter will try to swim around and tag people. If you get tagged, you turn into stone and you have to freeze in place. The last person left is the winner and becomes the new hunter.

  1. Fill the Beaker

For this game, you’ll need two beakers or cups that won’t easily knock over. You’ll also need a squirt gun for each player.

To play the game, you’ll set the empty cup on the dock while the players stand in the water, at least 6 feet from the cup. Divide the players into two teams and have the players try to fill the cups using their squirt guns.

The first team to fill their cup with water wins the game.

  1. Song Underwater 

This game is a fun twist on Name That Tune. Players will have to name the song while hearing it underwater!

Have one player sing a song underwater while the other players listen. The person who guesses correctly wins. If no one can guess the song, let the next player sing a song.

Try One of These Lake Games for Good Family Fun

Lake games can bring hours of entertainment to your vacation. Plus, many of these games don’t require any special water toys or equipment. The next time the kids say they’re bored, have them try out a few of these competitive lake games.

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