The World Is Getting Boring

I understand the inflammatory nature of the title of this blog article, and I also understand the irony of calling this time the most boring time in the world when we have the most technology we’ve ever had. However, I hope you hear me out because I think that by the end, you may even agree with me, just maybe not in such absolute terms.

I should also make the caveat that the world is getting boring in America for the average middle-class citizen, which is right about where I fall. If you live in a place that is not very developed and you are not just dealing with first world problems every day then the world is definitively not boring! You have real concerns and real problems to handle, while we are over here debating about whether or not we want ads on our Hulu or not.

So you’re still with me, okay, here’s why I think the world is getting boring. I’ll clue you in with a little anecdote. I recently went to co-working space and sat down at this table among other young professionals such as myself, all of them hustling for their own business, and I noticed I had the same water bottle as another guy at the table. After working for a bit in complete silence, not saying anything to each other, we eventually both happened to stand up at the same time to stretch and grab more water, and I struck up a conversation about his water bottle… because what else am I going to say!

Guess what, it WAS the same water bottle, this one! And what’s more, he bought it on Amazon just like I did, because it was highly reviewed and sometimes when you’re trying to pick a water bottle out of literally millions to choose from, why not just go with the one with the best reviews.

This is precisely why the world is getting boring, because we all shop at amazon and have the same exact stuff, because we don’t want to sift through millions of products wondering if they are the right ones. We just want something, and Amazon makes that easy. Start looking out for people’s everyday items. You’ll start to notice that many times you’ve seen these items before online. Cell phone cases especially! You could take the time to do your online research and eventually wind up with an awesome case from Carved that was hand-made with care… or you can just get the same plastic ones like everyone else has from Amazon for a fraction of the cost. The quality won’t be there, but what do you care? If it breaks, you’ll just replace it… in a matter of seconds!

This isn’t just the case with items either, it also relates to what you watch! When was the last time you just accidentally stumbled onto a show that you fell in love with? Been a while huh? That’s because there are so many shows out there that we end up just watching whatever is trending on whatever streaming platform you have, or whatever the internet tells you is good.

Now, I should say that interesting products are still out there! You can find them, you just have to take the effort to find them. You have to step away from the easy Amazon choice, and dig deeper and find something that is truly unique rather than getting the same water bottle as I have, and that guy from WeWork, and 99% of the rest of the water bottle owners in the world. Go find your diamond in the rough and quit being boring!