What Is More Profitable – Selling Or Shipping A Car?

Shipping distance, vehicle size, and condition, etc. plays a big role in determining the shipping cost. It can cost a hundred or thousands of dollars if you plan to transport it to long distances.

To save from this huge expense, many car owners plan to sell their car and buy a new one in the state where they are moving. This article will tell you more about whether you should ship or sell a car.

What Is Vehicle Shipping?

It is the process to transport your car from one location to another by loading it in a truck. The cost incurred in shipping depends on various factors such as the location, distance, timing, size of the truck, and protection features you need based on the type of car, etc. Ship a Car, Inc is one of the trusted companies that offer efficient vehicle shipping services across nations.

Should I Ship or Sell My Car?

What is the average car shipping cost? This is a common question among people who wish to ship their cars to different locations.

101 Guide: How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car? - Nexus Auto Transport

  • A majority of shipment charge between $0.90 and $1.46 per mile
  • If it is an overseas shipment, then the price could even reach between $1.65 and $2.03 per mile

There will be an expense incurred on registration fees and insurance in the new state. As vehicle transportation is expensive, it is important to evaluate the car value before you ship it. Also, consider the number of years left in the lifespan of the vehicle.

If your vehicle is under warranty and can run in good condition without major repairs for a few more years, then shipping could be an advantageous and cost-effective option. There are other things due to which car owners prefer shipping than selling it. These could be:

  • An emotional connection with the car
  • You want to pay off the car loan.
  • The hassle involved in buying a new vehicle in a new state such as paperwork, registration, tax payment, obtaining title, etc. All this process could take anywhere from a few weeks to months in the process.

Features of The Best Vehicle Shipping Companies

  • Reliable Service

The top vehicle shipping companies offer reliable and efficient nationwide transport shipping facilities for cargo and vehicles of varying shapes and sizes.

  • Door-to-Door Service

These companies do not drop off your valuable car at the terminal. Instead, they provide door-to-door and coast-to-coast transportation of the vehicle They work with an innovative network of certified carriers for the transport in several locations easily.

  • Vehicle Coverage

The auto transport service providers have a network of numerous vetted carriers to make sure they meet the standards and requirements of the carrier. They charge a small fee and ensure ultimate protection and the best level of coverage to your vehicle throughout the shipping process.


The auto-shipping cost can be high but lesser than the price of a new one. This makes shipping profitable than selling it. However, if you are planning to buy a less expensive/ economy model, then you may sell it than ship it. So, the ultimate decision between shipping or selling a vehicle depends on the actual price of the car, shipping distance, and cost of buying a new car.