Scalloped potatoes are much more clear. Most plans require the potatoes to be ready in a fundamental cream sauce (ordinarily a mix of milk and considerable cream), and that is it. Au gratin potatoes are a touch more defiled. They are made with heaps of cheddar sprinkled in the layers of potatoes and on top of the dish. A couple of interpretations of potatoes au gratin furthermore have bread crumbs sprinkled on top for a touch of the pound to stand apart from the fragile potatoes. Assortments proliferate; you’ll find a couple of plans for scalloped potatoes with a breadcrumb fixing or potatoes au gratin with a cream sauce and a little cheddar on top. They’re both exceptionally smooth and rich, including rounds of cut potatoes arranged in a feast dish. Regardless, all things considered, there are a few perceiving factors that set them to the side. 

Checking out potatoes au gratin versus scalloped, you can see there are some unequivocal resemblances, yet we should clear up the confusion that they are not the same. These are two undeniable dishes, yet here is the explanation they get confused with one another. Talking, both of these dishes are rich and smooth food assortments made with cut potatoes. Those potatoes are served in a supper dish or a cake skillet fat that is all you have on hand. In light of everything, the cake skillet transforms into a supper dish when you make a goulash in it, in any case. 

Accordingly, on the off chance that you have two dishes made with a huge load of comparable trimmings and with practically identical taste and surface ascribes, you can be pardoned for mistaking them for one another. You could even look at an assessment of scalloped potatoes versus au gratin and not see a lot of differentiation. To the lacking eye, both of them may seem like a comparable dish organized imperceptibly remarkable. 

Scalloped potatoes are a potato dish that resembles a dinner with potatoes, cheddar, milk, cream, and breadcrumbs while au gratin potatoes are a term used for a potato dish that is organized like scalloped potatoes. Scalloped potatoes got their name from the Old English word “collop” which implies “to cut pitifully” while au gratin potatoes got their name from the French words “grater” and “gratine” which connoted “to scratch” and “frame or skin,” independently. Scalloped potatoes are ready as are au gratin potatoes, in any case, au gratin potatoes can moreover be cooked on a grill or pot. Just potatoes are organized and scalloped while meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, and crab meat are also coordinated potatoes au gratin.