Why Candidates Prefer an Australian STEM Internship Program

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Internship Programs are very highly desired by Australian as well as global candidates. These programs help in getting professional experience in specialized areas. These internship programs have been created for recent graduates as well as students of these faculties who would like to further their knowledge and develop their skills while working in a professional environment. They are available in all the major cities of the country and are basically non-paid positions.

Candidates can look forward to receiving compatible training during these internships that can augment their educational credentials and help in getting a job after completion. Some of the related aspects of this type of internship program are discussed here to get a complete insight.

  • The length of these internships – The length of STEM Internship Programs can vary significantly depending upon a candidate and many other factors. The academic need and the objective can also be vital criteria while determining the length of an internship. However, generally, the minimum duration of these internships are for three months, whereas the longest duration can be of 26 weeks. In case if visa sponsorship is needed by a candidate then in such a case the duration of the internship can be of eight months.
  • The eligibility requirements of the program – For pursuing a STEM Internship Program, a candidate must satisfy certain eligibility requirements. The person can read a review about PGP placement in Australia to know more about this, but mainly, he/she should be between the ages of 18 to 30 and the requested internship must be related to the educational background. The candidate either must be a graduate who has passed out within a year or must be pursuing a bachelor degree course or greater than it. An advanced skill level in the English language that is equivalent to IELTS 5.5 is also needed.

For candidates with an Australian Visa and full working rights within the country, some flexibility in these eligibility criteria’s can be expected easily because that can be encouraging for them.

  • The starting dates of the internship – There is an option of selecting a preferred start date for candidates and three to four months of lead time can easily be expected. Those candidates that hold 408 Temporary Activity Visa can easily expect to get a lead time of four months. Similarly, candidates who can produce evidence of working visas like the Working Holiday Visa can easily expect to get a lead time of three months so that all preparations can be made well in advance. In case if a candidate is looking out for an existing visa, then also the lead time can be quite flexible.
  • Options after the program – Once a STEM Internship Program is successfully completed by a candidate, one can easily look out for jobs within the country. These internships are highly valued within the Australian industries and many companies like to recruit candidates who have local experience.

Therefore, we can see that STEM Internship Programs are very highly valued within the country and any candidate can expect to get a good job after its completion. That is a reason why so many overseas candidates rush to Australia so that they can get a decent job after completing a STEM internship.