Why waste money on real diamonds when you have this.

Laboratory-created diamonds or cultured diamonds are also referred to as Synthetic diamonds. These stones are created in the laboratory by geological processes. Almost every person has a dream to buy a diamond ring or accessories, but because of its high cost very few people can afford that. So, the best solution for this is a Lab Diamond Rings. The lab-created diamonds have properties like hardness, electron mobility, and thermal conductivity.

History of lab-created diamonds:

The lab-created diamonds have been in work since the 1940s. these were initially manufactured for industrial use because of their unique characteristics like hardness which was used as an abrasive, high electrical resistance, and optical transparency. These gems have been commercially available since the late 1980s.

Why you should prefer lab-created diamonds:

Although these gems are grown by scientists instead of mining the earth, these gems look exactly like real diamonds. With the naked eye, it’s very difficult to look for differences between the lab-created diamonds and the real diamonds. Apart from the fact that these gems have lower costs than a real diamond, these lab-created diamonds are shinier and harder than real diamonds. If an occasion is coming like marriage or engagement and you were wondering about buying a diamond ring, then you must give try on Lab Diamond Rings. There are 2 types of lab-created diamonds:

  1. Stimulant Diamonds
  2. Cultured Diamonds
  • Stimulant Diamonds:

These types of diamonds are not made from scratch. These are made in the labs and differences between these gems and a real diamond cannot be seen with the naked eye. The components that are used to make these gems are zircon, white sapphires, and cut glass, the chemical and physical properties of these gems and real diamonds are different.

The subtypes of Stimulant diamonds are:

  1. Diamond Nexus Stimulants:

These gems have a triple lifeline guarantee than that of a real diamond. The main component of these gems is Carbon.

  1. Cubic Zirconia Stimulants:

These types of gems are the least durable type of stimulant diamond. The main component of these gems is Zirconium Dioxide and these are the cheapest of all the Stimulant Diamonds.

  1. Moissanite Lab-created Diamond:

These gems are the priciest of all the Stimulant Diamonds. They are synthesized from silicon dioxide. This is a gemstone so; this looks very different from all the other gems that are lab-created.

  • Cultured diamonds:

These types of diamonds are created from scratch. These are created in an environment that is the same as natural diamonds. This is the reason that the chemical and physical properties of these are the same as real diamonds. These gems also look very similar to real diamonds and the difference between these and real diamonds cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The Samantha Lab Grown Ring -2 CARAT E VS2 18K WHITE GOLD 6 PRONGS ...

The subtypes of Cultured Diamonds are:

  1. HPHT Diamonds:

HPHT stands for High-pressure high temperatures. These are made in the same environment that needs for the mining of the real diamonds. These require a favorable pressure and temperature to grow and for this purpose, there are three major press designs namely: split-sphere press, cubic press, and belt press.

  1. CVD Diamonds:

CVD stands for Chemical Vapor Depositions. These gems are grown by a method called the chemical vapor deposition method. These are grown from a hydrocarbon gas mixture. This method is used to grow these gems because this method controls the chemical impurities of the Lab-created Diamonds.

Lab Diamond Rings:

These types of rings are the best solution if you were thinking to buy a luxurious accessory, then you must go for these Lab Diamond Rings. These rings look more beautiful and elegant than real diamond rings and not only in looks but also concerning price, these rings are cheaper than real diamond rings. These gems are very hard so you can use this for daily wear. Apart from all these, one should buy Lab Diamond Ring in place of real diamond rings because the mining process of a real diamond ring is very vast and also it creates a lot of damage to mother earth.

In Africa, the mining process of diamonds led to Human Rights Disaster, so the process of Diamond mining is very dangerous because the workers who dig have to go deep inside the land to dig for the diamonds so if something happens the workers may have major injuries. As we all know that diamonds are formed with pressure, heat, and time. And when the volcanic eruption takes place, it brings the diamonds up and closer to the surface. Lab-created diamonds are made by scientists using the components which do not affect the environment and are also very safe and the results of lab-created diamonds are much better than the mining process because these lab-created gems are shinier and harder thus, best for daily wear.

Lab Diamond Rings are ethically-sourced, eco-friendly, and more affordable than a real diamond. If you are looking for something precious yet cheap, then you must go for Lab Diamond Rings. The only difference between a Lab Diamond Rings and Real diamond is the point of origin, otherwise, no one can point a difference with the naked eye.

Reasons you should buy lab Diamond Ring:

As the world is changing, one should change with the world.

  1. Lab-grown Diamonds are eco-friendly:

The mined diamonds look very pretty but it damages the earth. But, the lab-created diamond does not affect the earth or the environment. The mining of diamonds requires huge explosives and machinery that disturbs the land deeply and also pollutes water, whereas, the Lab-created diamonds only require some components, heat, and pressure which is provided in the laboratory itself.

  1. Lab-Grown Diamonds are Ethically Sourced:

Diamond industries are very hazardous, they practice child labor and there are Human Rights Violations. These industries practice so many unfair things, whereas, the Lab-Grown diamonds only requires scientists and laboratory.

  1. Lab-Grown Diamonds are cheap:

When it comes to price, it the most important feature of the Lab-Grown Diamonds. Very few people can afford real diamonds, but the Lab-Grown Diamonds are comparatively very cheap and anyone can afford Lab Diamond Rings for their special days like marriage or engagement ceremony.