11 Tips On How To Host A BBQ Party Without All The Stress

The summer months are quickly heading out the door and fall is about to start soon. Although summer is about to end that doesn’t mean you can’t host one last backyard BBQ for your friends and family. As we all know, any gathering associated with food is stressful and overwhelming.

Before backing out of your last chance to throw a barbecue this summer, read these tips and you’ll find backyard parties aren’t so stressful after all:

1 – Plan Ahead

Give yourself at least a couple of weeks to plan the party. This way you have enough time to prepare your home, food, and drinks to accommodate everyone on your guest list.

2 – Limit The Number Of Guest’s

It might be nice to gather the whole neighborhood for one last summer bbq party, but that’s just too many people in one place. Consider inviting just a few close family members and friends so the backyard doesn’t get too crowded.

3 – Stock Up On Drinks

Drinks at a party should be free-flowing. Running out of cold drinks in the middle of a BBQ is a major mistake. Start buying drinks in bulk for the party as soon as possible!

4 – Kids Entertainment

There’s no doubt that at least one of the guests on your list will bring their kids. Be sure to have some games and activities ready to entertain all the younger guests.

5 – Ditch The Grill

Stop wasting time grilling everything for everyone during the party. Call a professional BBQ catering northern VA service provider for a full BBQ menu that’s ready to serve.

6 – Include Different Food Options

Another reason why it is worth it to leave all the food prep to the trusted BBQ catering Northern VA professionals is the food options they can offer. You can request for vegetarian and kid-friendly menu items so that everyone at the party can enjoy delicious food, no matter their dietary restrictions or preferences.

7 – Keep It Cool

Aside from delicious catered food and free-flowing drinks, don’t forget to have an abundance of ice available too. No one wants to drink room temperature beverages during the summer heat.

8 – Snacks And Starters

The main course can be handled by caterers, but simple snacks and starters should be on your list too. Chips with dip or popcorn are popular with everyone and it’s super easy to prepare and refill throughout the afternoon.

9 – Fresh And Fruity

Cool all of your guests down by offering a refreshing bowl of fresh fruit. Watermelon and grapes are excellent options for BBQ parties.

10 – Optional Potluck

In some cases, the host can also ask some of the guests to bring something extra to the party. Make this an option and not something mandatory so that no one is pressured to make or bring something.

11 – Mingle And Enjoy!

The best part about having a catering team to worry about food is that you can enjoy the party without a single worry about food. This is the last party for summer, you deserve to have fun too, even if you’re the host!

Have a great time with family and friends and let our team at Saint Germain Catering take care of the BBQ catering northern VA. Contact us today and let’s start planning!