Upon Taking The Leap Of Faith; Walter Babst

A journey of a thousand miles start from a single step, yes, we all know that; and yet almost all of us are negligent enough to take that first step. Taking that leap of faith takes a lot of courage and a willing self that provides that viewless wings of poesy to any person. Walter Babst, a huge fan of fictional creation has suggested that modern generation are increasingly unhappy and are getting depressed because they are reluctant to plunge themselves into that imaginative world. All the great epics are great fictional creations; take Iliad and Odyssey for example… In the story of Iliad we get to see the greatest swordsman of all time, Achilles. Achilles of Greece, whose only weak point is his Achilles, is a gifted killer and he is never beaten in arms.

He wants his name to be remembered till the end of the time and that is why he agrees to join the war where Greece is plotting to take over the Rome. Rome is however guarder by Hector, one of the greatest fighter of all time. As the story moves forward the readers get plunged into the story without even questioning the existence of any one of those characters. The story of the Troy existed long before Homer inked them down but the beauty of it however lies in its breath-taking composition. We all want to stay pit and know the fate of them. Achilles eventually defeats Hector in a dual and in spite of all the tricks, the Greeks simply could not invade Troy until Odysseus came up with a trick.

He built a large wooden horse and hid himself Achilles and a few soldiers inside the belly of the Horse. And as the prejudiced king took that wooden horse inside his walls, at the night the soldiers crawled out of the horse and opened the gate of Troy. Because as the myth follows that the walls of Troy were built by the gods, the walls did not fall but because of the stupidity of the Trojan king Priyam, the city did. And Achilles was shot down in his ankle by the young prince who finally was able to avenge his dead brother. After the story of the troy ends and The Greek conquered the city, Homer started another story based on the adventure of the king Odysseus.

The Wanderlust

Like all the Greek soldiers, Odysseus started his sea voyage to return to his homeland Ithaca but due to the will of Gods, he got stuck in one island after another. Odysseus faced several hurdles where he slayed a cyclops, got killed by a parasite of a man, was left one in the cave of death by fortune’s grace and his tremendous will power, he rescued himself again and again from the clutches of death. The world of the fiction may not be real but the one who cannot believe in enjoying these myths are the true Muggles and they are the ones who is depriving themselves from the sweet coat of divinity.