5 Possible Reasons Your Stomach Hurt You

The stomach, being one of your body parts is responsible to digest your food intake and forward it to get absorbed in your blood. This means even your stomach has a working mechanism which is affected by the type of food you intake in your day to day life. Whenever any body part works inappropriate, it causes harm to your entire body.

But the stomach is the epicentre of various health issues which can cause big problems to attack your body. Almost every health hazard starts with the wrong intake that enters your stomach and starts attacking your entire body.  If you somehow diagnose the problem, you can easily take medical assistance and purchase the prescription from Canada Drugs online pharmacy stores. But it’s uncontrolled in some of the cases. So, below are the most common reasons that your stomach hurt and gives you an alert about the upcoming health issue.

Gastric Problem: When your stomach causes indigestion, a large amount of HCL is secreted that gathers in the stomach and causes pressure. This results in the feeling of bloating. With the increase in gas pressure, you experience stomach pain.

Dyspepsia: In medical terms, the indigestion is known as dyspepsia. It is the problem causes due to heavy intake of food which becomes hard to digest in the stomach. As a result, your stomach experience pain which can even be felt in your chest. Another reason for this problem is eating highly acidic foodstuff that increases the acid amount in your stomach.

Gastroenteritis: It is a commonly known stomach virus which causes other health problems including diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, etc. In some cases, people also find symptoms of headache and muscle aches. This problem can be cured with home remedies. All you need to do is skipping heavy food and increasing the water intake of your body.

Gallstones: The word ‘stone’ clearly explain it as a problem. Gallstones are the problem when your increased cholesterol is transformed into hard form in your gallbladder. It doesn’t cause other health problem, but it becomes an issue if it enters the biliary duct and blocks the passage.

Bowel Obstruction: In some cases, you might have observed swollen belly which even causes pain stomach pain. This is a clear symptom of bowel obstruction. This problem is caused when something blocks your small/large intestine, resulting in severe pain in the stomach. In rare cases, the bowel can even tear the intestine vessels, hence it needs intense treatment.

Final Verdict: These are only the most common stomach related issues that result in pain. There are many other health issues that cause pain and results in other problems.

Regardless of your affected body part, your entire body functioning is affected. Hence whether you experience stomach pain or other body problem, it’s important to take it seriously and treat it with appropriate medical assistance. The simplest way to keep your body healthy is the regular exercise that makes your body fit and improves the blood circulation throughout your body.

So, eat healthily and stay fit!