6 Great Benefits of Climbing for Children

If your child is climbing to heights and then is not being able to get down and calling you for help, you should not be irritated but happy. Why? It’s because climbing is great for your child.

You may be amazed to know that climbing is an all-round activity, sport and type of exercise in which every muscle in the body and a number of parts of brain are brought into use.

You may notice that your child loves climbing and it’s good for her health. So, whenever she wants to climb a wall, a fence, a tree or anything else, encourage her.

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1. Focus

Whenever you see a wall, you don’t think of climbing it, right? But your child does. Climbing requires great focus.

Children learn and make progress in climbing very fast if they pay attention.

2. Teamwork and Trust

In a course of climbing, children also learn very early that belaying (holding the rope for the climber) is of immense importance and they are answerable for others’ lives.

While the goals any climber sets are very personal, he has to work together with others as a team to ensure 100 percent safety.

Thus the bond formed between climbers teaches teamwork and trust from a very young age.

3. Eye-Hand-Feet Coordination

Climbing teaches kids a great eye-hand-feet coordination. They have to ‘see’, plan and then move their feet and hands towards the selected spot.

This mindfulness can then be reflected to all other sports and even all facets of life. It’s also an amazing way to reinforce the understanding of right and left.

4. Problem Solving

Each route on a climbing wall is like a puzzle that should be solved. This develops problem solving skill in children because it needs planning, analysis and patience to crack the code successfully.

Several novice climbers tend to deal with each problem as they climb but as they progress, they learn to envision the route they will take, how their hands and feet will be placed and crack the roughest part of the climb (the crux) prior to setting out.

5. Boosting of Self-esteem

When children start setting their own goals and continuously keep pushing themselves out from their comfort zone to meet them, it boosts their self-esteem.

Some children may find the height problematic, but by working as a team, having trust in others and increasing confidence can help them overcome fears.

When they overcome fears, they become mentally strong and become able to handle whatever comes their way in their life.

6. Exercise in a Fun Way

Climbing is a great fun to an extent that children as well as adults don’t even realise that they are exercising.

With a great focus on achieving their goals will make them forget any issues they have with their body.

Over time, this great sport builds self-awareness and body confidence along with physical strength.

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So, don’t stop your child from climbing and you’ll be happy with his physical and mental development.