6 Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Electric Fire

Electric fireplaces are a good way to heat a home if you don’t have or want a traditional wood-burning fireplace at your house. They’ve become more popular over the years because they’re flexible, easy to use, and quite effective. wall mounted electric fires also add a bit of style to any room or house, making it feel warm and cozy without the need for expensive renovations. If you’re shopping around for a wall mounted electric fire, there are some things you may want to tick off your list to help you choose the right one.

Here are six questions to ask before you buy an electric fireplace.

1. Is it compatible with my home?

If you have limited space and are staying in a flat or sharing with many people, wall mounted electric fires are a good choice because you can hang them up, and they won’t take up a lot of space at all. It’s also a good option for people living in historic or antique homes with strict regulations. A wall mounted electric fire can provide you warmth during cold months without needing to make changes to your home structure. As long as you have a dedicated power source for your electric fireplace, you’re good to go.

2. How do I operate the electric fireplace?

Operating a wall mounted electric fire can be as easy as using a TV. Once you have the unit safely installed at home, all you’ve got to do is plug it in and use the remote control to adjust the settings. Wall mounted electric fires have different heat settings and color choices, so pick whatever you like. You can adjust the thermostat or set it on a timer, so it turns off by itself.

3. Is it safe to use?

Wall mounted electric fires are as safe to use at home as any other appliance. Compared to traditional fireplaces that use real wood and kindling, electric fireplaces are safer because there’s no risk of an open flame being left unattended. Families with children and kids can turn it on and feel at ease because even if you put your hand up the glass, there’s no risk of burning or scalding. It’s also safer to use for people with allergies or respiratory issues because there’s no leftover soot or ash to deal with.

4. What size and style should I get?

There are loads of sizes to choose from that will make a good fit for any space. Larger ones can go as big as 72 inches or 6 feet, with smaller ones measuring just a little over 2 feet or 26 inches. You can get an inset fire in terms of style if you’ve already got a fireplace but don’t want the fuss of starting your own fire. Or you can go for a freestanding style or a wall-mounted electric fire.

5. How do I install and maintain it?

Electric fireplaces are pretty easy to install and don’t require a lot of work. But if you’re uneasy about following the manual, you can ask an electrician or someone from the store to install it for you. Maintain an electric fireplace by wiping it down regularly to keep it free from dust.

6. Where do I buy one?

Electric fireplaces are widely available at both physical shops and online stores. You can get good deals and delivery online if you compare prices. Make sure a warranty covers your purchase.