These 2 BMW’s just upgraded their 2020 models – take a look!

BMW has always been a luxury car with solid performance as well as a fun car to drive. That may get even better in the 2020 model year when three models will be getting accessories from the M series, which is the carmakers’ high-performance sports division.

The BMW M series was created for racing, and it just makes sense BMW would incorporate some of that into its regular lineup which was never hurting from a performance standpoint.

American BMW cars

The 8 Series Gran Coupe and the X1 are sold in the United States and will get mostly exterior parts that make it look more like a sports car, but there are some performance enhancements as well.

  • The M package has carbon fiber fender vents, mirror caps, and a special grille.
  • Specially designed 20-inch wheels have a bronze and black colors.
  • The brakes are enhanced.
  • Inside there is a customized steering wheel, as well as carbon fiber trim, shift paddles and floor mats.
  • The X1 adds side decals and does not have the brake upgrade.
  • It has an alcantara shifter boot and customizable puddle lights.

European BMW models

The BMW 3 Series wagon is not coming to the United States, but it has some enhancements to make it even more a performance car. The M series package has a full body kit, bumpers, side skirts, rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser.

The model has decals, a different grille that lights up when the doors are opened.  It has smaller 18-inch wheels and bigger brakes. Inside the enhancements are the same as the 8 series.  The 3 series has a manual transmission, and the M package adds a unique shifter knob and an alcantara shifter boot.