These are the summer season dress types  you should be acquiring

Selecting what you should dress in when the weather gets warmer can be challenging. You will get events when you’d like to appear a little more stylish, fashionable and let’s be honest – beautiful! Picking out dresses this summertime makes perfect sense, since they can be obtained in a variety of styles, patterns and physical body sizes, so finding the perfect ones to suit you should be effortless. Consider trying on some of these Summer Dresses on for size and you can see some great options for Summer Dresses from AX Paris


A girl can enjoy  a wonderful experience wearing a bold and vivid maxi dress. They are often utilised for virtually any celebration and will provide by far the most feminine feel due to the free, moving fabric. Maxi’s are superb for remaining cool without exposing all.  Maxi’s are a good choice for any shape and pair easily with lady’s high heel sandals or  flatter shoes like sandals for anyone who is tall.

The Midi Dress

The midi dress is most effective to those people who are tall. A very on-trend way to adorn this style at the moment is in the form of a solitary colourful block complimented by a low heeled and comfy shoe together with a summer purse that ‘wows’.


You most likely won’t want to dress up in one of these for a day by the sea, however, night-time is a different kettle of fish when this dress style and design functions at its best. The perfect summer solution to warm nights; the party dress is quite easily the most effective option for making an impact. Go for full-height or a shorter style of dress, but without a doubt incorporate one with your summer wardrobe clothes collection. Accessorising is straightforward, as is donning a pair of your high heels or your finest pair of stilettos, grabbing a designer handbag and donning some bold jewellery.

The Shift Dress

For girls with pear or apple shape, the shift dress is an excellent choice. This design of dress is available to you in a huge range of fabrics, patterns and tones, which means you can choose vibrant, summertime styles that you really love. The wonder coming from the shift dress is the fact that it is another simple look that can be worn relaxed throughout the day and then spiced up for an evening around town by simply adding a snazzy pair of open-toed shoes.

The Short Mini

If you have been carrying out work on that suntanned look, you’ll want to wear a mini to reveal to the world your bronzed legs, this is exactly what the mini dress is perfect for. You’ll be able to select a mini for those events where you want to have fun with your friends,  or for smarter functions like a drinks night in a up town wine bar. Short length dresses are considered the optimal choice for slender young ladies to simply help emphasise their legs, making them appear much longer. Tall young ladies do not need to avoid the mini, as it provides a tremendous opportunity to show-off those magnificent lengthy legs. If you need to boost your stature by a few more inches, perhaps choose shoes that have a heel that is tall enough. If not, go for flats.