Top 5 Steps to Teach Your Toddler to Play Football

There’s nothing wrong to wish that your child should get involved in football. Football is a great game that instills discipline in the players and also makes them strong, healthy and socially responsible.

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No matter you are looking for developing the football passion in your tiny toddler, raging kid or upset teenager, there are certain steps you can follow to get success.

1. Introduce the Fun of Ball

If your child is a toddler and absolute beginner, it’s a good idea to introduce ball to her and make her realise the fun in playing with and kicking the ball.Step2 Direct has an amazing range of balls.

For toddlers, you should make them understand that they have to use only feet and not hands. You may have to involve good humour during this stage and should also have persistence.

2. Foot on Top of the Ball

Teach your child to put his foot upon the ball. Get down on your knees and help him to place his foot on the ball.

Ask him to change his feet and do it with the other foot. Next, when their confidence rises, teach him to gently roll the ball back and forth.

Placing her feet on the ball enables her to gain confidence that she is able to control it and keep it with her.

This activity helps her develop balance as well as core strength. At the same time, she can look up and check where she can kick it.

This offers an additional benefit of developing confidence in kids that they can control the ball without using their hands.

3. Control the Ball while Running

Next step is to teach them to control the ball when it’s running towards them and not let it go.

Roll the ball gently toward his feet. Show him the various parts of the foot that can control the ball. Teach how they can control the ball with the foot’s side.

Demonstrate yourself and ask her to identify the sole and the side. If your child is older, you can advance this by demonstrating her which is the laces part of the foot.

The aim here should be slow progression by just adding small pieces while he builds confidence.

4. Teaching to Kick Properly

Next you should teach your child to kick properly with top or lace part and side of the foot. Some kids get stuck to toe ending which means their control is less and the ball flies off.

It’s important here to kick properly as in the future when she develops leg strength, she can shoot better with her laces creating much more power and prepare for volleying and other soccer techniques.

5. Teach Dribbling

Next you should teach dribbling i.e. dribble with little kicks with both the feet. It’s important to keep it close and be calm in the early stages.

The closer is the ball to his feet and the more are the touches, the better. Remember to encourage a lot. Use of futsal ball may help the ball stick closer to her feet and not run away easily.

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