Lake Toba: A Mega-Colossal Crater Made from a Devastating Bang

Lake Toba is one of many natural wonders in Indonesia. The lake was formed due to an eruption that caused a worldwide catastrophe, and resulting in a huge caldera filled with water. The resurgent dome creates an island at the center of the lake, also known as Samosir Island.

Toba is located in the north portion of Sumatra Island, Iowa is the world’s largest Quaternary caldera. With 100 km by 30 km, up to 500 meters deep, Toba is still one of the deepest lakes in the world. Evidently, there are lots of natural attractions surrounding Toba and Samosir Island.

Lake Toba is much more than just pure beauty. For one, the place is one of the centers of Batak culture. Toba and Samosir have long been the area of a few of the very prominent Batak Kingdoms. It is not incorrect to say that Toba and its surrounding area is the centerpiece of Batak culture.

Tomok is a small village situated in the mid-eastern component of Samosir Island. Tomok is the gateway to enter Samosir Island from the mainland Sumatra, through Ajibata Port, Parapat.

Due to its accessible location, Tomok is a top-rated tourist destination. Though small, Tomok has several intriguing spots, mostly concerning Batak’s ethnic and historical elements.

You may begin by seeing Batak Samosir Museum within a building called Rumah Bolon, the home of the kings. See your mind since this roomless construction has a low ceiling instead. Many intriguing adorn this little museum, such as centuries-old bed, traditional weapons, traditional loom, and many art pieces.

You can also see the King Sidabutar Tomb. You’ll need to wear an Ulos (a traditional fabric of Batak) to put in this complex. You can observe several stone caskets on the floor.

You may finish your day at Tomok by purchasing at the market. You can acquire many memorabilia, all independently and traditionally created.

Tuk-tuk Village, a Lakefront Resort Village

Tuk-tuk is a village situated in the head of a small cave at the eastern portion of Samosir Island. This village that the top-rated destination in Toba and is an ideal place for family recreation. With numerous hotels and other conveniences, you can literally pick any accommodation that fit your need and budget.

Tuk-tuk is excellent for leisure biking. You can ride a bike on the lakefront road with a fantastic perspective on the lake and several hills around. You do not even have to bring your bike since there are many rentals in a tuk-tuk. You’ll probably need two hours to enjoy everything Tuk-tuk has to offer you.

Tuk-tuk is also famous for its woodcarving arts. Other than merely buying a finished thing, you can even try to carve the wood yourself. You can select any style you need and simply write your name or your nearest and dearest friend’s name.

Being at the coast of Toba, Tuk-tuk obviously also has some water recreation choices such as canoeing, leasing a boat, fishing, or only swimming at the lake.