8 Most Recommended Shopping Places in Bandung

After being satisfied with traveling around Bandung, now it’s time to go shopping. Bandung is known as a paradise for shopping lovers. There are many factory outlets and some cheap shopping places.

If you are a tourist outside Bandung who doesn’t know about cheap shopping places in Bandung, we will provide complete information here.

1. Balubur Town Square

Balubur Town Square is one of the shopping centers that sell goods and clothes at affordable prices. Here, you can shop for various clothes, shoes, socks, or foods.

You can also buy various kinds of souvenirs, and decorations for electronic goods. At Balubur Town Square, public facilities are available in a food court with several famous restaurant tenants to a comfortable and fairly spacious parking lot.

2. ITC Kebon Kelapa

ITC Kebon Kalapa once reached its prime as one of the cheapest shopping destinations in Bandung. Now, even though it is relatively quiet, there are still many clothing, accessories, shoes, and other shops that still sell their goods in this place. ITC Kebon Kelapa has a lot of loyal visitors who spend time shopping.

3. Gasibu Market

You cannot say you have ever been to Bandung yet if you haven’t visited Gedung Sate, the city’s landmark. Visit Gedung Sate on Sunday morning because you can find Gasibu Market or more known as market of Gedung Sate, Gasibu field, to the Monumen Perjuangan.

At Gasibu Market, you can find various goods, but the most widely sold items are leftover export clothes. After you are satisfied with your shopping, you can also taste the traditional cuisine of Bandung, which is widely sold in this market.

4. Rumah Mode Factory Outlet

Who is not familiar with Rumah Mode Factory Outlet? Since the first opening, this shop has always crowded with customers from inside and outside the city, even abroad. No wonder, because this Factory Outlet with a comfortable atmosphere sells various types of clothes, bags to branded shoes at low prices.

Rumah Mode Factory Outlet, located at Dr. Setiabudi street, No. 41 is equipped with several public facilities such as a prayer room and parking lot, toilets and a restaurant with a variety of delicious and filling culinary offerings. So, you don’t have to worry about being hungry when you’re busy shopping.

5. Cibaduyut Shoes Center

Talking about cheap shopping places in Bandung, the name Cibaduyut cannot seem to be missed. This is a place to shop for cheap bags and shoes in Bandung. In the Cibaduyut area, many leather craftsmen sell their handicrafts much lower than the goods in the mall.

Although the bags and shoes sold in Cibaduyut are local handicrafts, the quality is comparable to expensive products at the mall. If it doesn’t match the model of the bag or shoe being sold here, you can also order it from a local craftsman to make a bag or shoe according to the custom design.

6. Pasar Baru Trade Center

When you hear the name “Pasar Baru” what you may have in mind is a trading area in Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. However, Bandung also has a trading area with the same name, namely Pasar Baru Trade Center. Almost every day is very crowded. Especially in the month of fasting— Ramadan, from morning to close this place is usually very crowded.

If in Pasar Baru Jakarta there are many people of Indian descent who sell cloth, at Pasar Baru Trade Center you can find many booths selling apparel. However, you can also buy clothes here. The average visitor who comes here shops in bulk, but it also doesn’t matter if you want to buy retail.

7. The Kings Shopping Centre

Not far from Parahyangan Plaza, there is another cheap shopping place that you can visit when visiting the City of flowers, called King’s Shopping Center. After being closed due to a fire disaster and the renovation process, this shopping center was reopened.

The comfortable and organized atmosphere and the new concept of King’s Shopping Center have succeeded in attracting visitors to come back to this place. In addition to shops for clothes, shoes and children’s toys, here you can also shop for household needs, watch movies, invite your little ones to play and just eat well at several restaurants.

8. Jumat Pusdai Market

One more market that is considered as a cheap shopping place in Bandung, namely the Jumat Pusdai market. This market is open at Diponegoro street every Friday only. So, don’t expect to find this market another day.

In this place you can shop for various necessities at low prices. However, the goods that are sold the most here are secondhand export clothes. The fashion for clothes sold at the Pasar Jumat Pusdai is also fairly up-to-date following trends. In this place you also have to be smart to bargain to get a cheaper price.

These are the 8 most recommended shopping places in Bandung you can visit. Planning to visit Bandung soon? Find out more about Bandung and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.