Love Sea Turtles? Don’t Miss Wakatobi Resort

Since the start of Wakatobi Resort more than 20 years ago, this slice of heaven has been a haven and sanctuary for sea turtles to breed and live.

The pristine reefs and seagrass beds are perfect habitats for turtles, letting them flourish and be viewed frequently by divers and snorkelers.

If you’re a fan of sea turtles, do not miss your chance to see this UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve and immerse yourself in the superb world of sea turtles in Wakatobi Resort.

The serene and secluded Wakatobi Resort is way off the beaten path and certainly won’t disappoint.

Which sea turtles do you see at Wakatobi Resort?

Go snorkeling or halfway at Wakatobi and you are most likely to visit hawksbill and green sea turtles. They are a few of the most frequently seen marine life at the hotel.

The young turtles are usually seen inshore at the seagrass beds just off the shore, resting at the surface or feeding at the base.

Juvenile turtles are easy to picture thanks to full light from the shallows.

Mature green turtles feed only on seagrasses and algae, unlike many sea turtle species, which makes Wakatobi Resort’s seagrass beds a great place to look for these charming adults as well.

In contrast, Hawksbill turtles frequently forage on reefs and rock piles, using their small heads to reach into nooks and crannies.

Getting up close & personal with sea turtles

You will find miles of pristine Wakatobi Resort reefs to explore because you search for turtles among the beautiful coral reefs and sponge formations.

You’re more likely to see Hawksbills up near than greens since they often share the very same websites as divers. They are also less shy, tolerating sailors at near selection.

If you spot a feeding turtle in the seagrass beds, then proceed slowly to get nearer. Take your time, be patient, and wait until the storm raises its head.

You’ll have the ability to capture an ideal turtle portrait at the shallows before you know it.