As we go to a foreign country, there are a different set of rules that a traveler must follow. If you want to make the most out of your dream getaway, we’ve listed here some of the things that will make your stay a much more enjoyable and less problematic. As you fly to the land down under or popularly known as Australia, you can monitor and check your flight status wherever you are. Through this, you can track planes in real-time as seen on their flight tracker map and even get up-to-date flight status and airport information. Not just that, you can also be aware of the details about the aircraft such as speed, altitude, arrival and departure times, cancellations and even flight delays. If you want, you can also get notifications about your flight.

Before heading to Australia, please do take note of the following:

Never swim beyond the flags at the beach

Regardless if you’re strong and competent in the field of swimming, don’t be tempted to go beyond the flags at the beach even if the crystal-clear waters are attracting you to dive in right away. Don’t ever try to do so, there are surf life-savers around that monitors and are watching those swimmers between the flags that they have put up. This is for your safety because waters in Australia can turn nasty in just a flick and before you know it, you are being sucked up into a rip and probably struggling to get out of it.

Never get off the bus without saying thank you or waving                        

As you jump off the bus, don’t forget to give your driver a friendly wave as a sign of gratitude for the safe travel. A little gesture can make their day a little bit better. Always smile and be optimistic.

Don’t roam around outside without sunscreen

Yes, the sun here can be vicious. If you’re around 10 minutes in the summer sun without wearing sunscreen, undoubtedly, you can be suffering from third-degree burns. Don’t risk your skin and health. Be sure to apply sunscreen whenever you go out and do your best to stay away from the direct sunlight. Also, you need to stay hydrated to avoid experiencing one of the worst hangovers in life. When you’re dehydrated, it may require hospitalization. You’re in the country to relax and have fun. Such scenario won’t allow you to make the most out of your vacation.

Don’t talk loudly on a carriage during peak-hour

Please be mindful of the people around you and learn to follow rules. As you jump off the train, you’ll notice some signage which states which carriage is the quiet one. If you one to have a video call to one of your friends or tell a story to your love, don’t be surprised if some people will call your attention letting you know that you’re in the wrong place.

Never drive fast especially when your drunk

Driving too fast is a no-no. There may be some instances that you’re able to get away with this one in a certain country but not when in Australia. They strictly implement such rule as they have provided undercover police and cameras around and will emerge on the least expected moment. This is widely happening especially during holiday seasons. As you drive, always follow the rules and regulations because this is for your safety and your passenger as well.

Don’t stay anywhere suburban especially if you’re travelling alone

Getting around suburban, if you’re not familiar with the place, can be difficult and you might feel isolated quickly. It is recommended to book your accommodation near a train or tram line. In that way, you’ll have the assurance of guaranteed and reliable service. There are also some cities that even buses regardless of the time of the day can be a big hit and miss.

Don’t misjudge a storm warning

If you’re in Australia, don’t just ignore a storm warning. This big chunk country is sub-tropical, having said so, it gets tropical storms and cyclones. Always be on guard if there are warnings for a storm. It is suggested to avoid driving through flooded roads, swim in closed waters, and even camp near big trees.

Beware of crocs, stingers, and sharks if you’ll swim at just any beach

If you’re traveling to Australia for the first time, it might be a good idea to do some quick research of the coastal areas where you can go before you swim. If you’re heading to the bigger cities namely Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane, you’ve probably good to go. However, if you’re heading to the West Coast, or the shark central, dig deeper on it. Yes, you’ll be mesmerized by the stunning waters but there’s also some deadliest creatures on it.

Don’t think kangaroos can be cuddle

Kangaroos are one of the most famous and cute-looking animals on earth but they have an intense boot on them. There are specified areas where you can get up close and personal.

Don’t ever try hiking in the outback alone

Rugged escape can be appealing at first glance. You might think that it can be a great spot for camping and hiking. It is much safer to go with a small group. If you’d like to give it a try be sure to consider some factors such as the poisonous snakes and spiders, dangerous weather, plus brutal dehydrating conditions. Always think of your safety and never hike alone.