Planning the Right Proposal for Your Relationship

Aside from the wedding, proposing to your other half is one of the most meaningful moments in your life. Some people spend months planning, researching, and battling their own anxieties in hopes of creating the perfect proposal. If you’re mindful about planning an event that is right for your relationship, below are a few pointers to help you decide how to create a moment that you will both adore and cherish forever.

A Symbol of Your Love

The traditional method of proposing includes a beautiful engagement ring that’s usually 3 months worth of your salary. From Tacori diamonds to sapphire jewels, choosing the right ring is a fabulous way to symbolize your love and affection for your other half. Alternatively, if your relationship isn’t keen on conventions, you could use alternative jewelry as a symbol to mark your commitment, such as matching necklaces or a bracelet.


To pick a place that’s right for both of you, firstly, think about places that mean something to your relationship. Maybe it’s the restaurant where your first date took place, the theme park where you said ‘I love you,’ or a place you both love to visit for fun (e.g., the zoo, the park, concerts). If you’re stuck for ideas, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a place with sentimental value attached. For instance, if your connection thrives on a mutual passion for spontaneity and travel, you might want to propose on a cruise to Jamaica, or on a beach in Thailand. Equally, a proposal doesn’t have to be extravagant, you may simply wish to get down on one knee at home or at a family event.

Public or Private

Some people are quite timid and private, and others love a big show. And so, you should take this into account when planning your proposal to make sure you choose a setting that suits your relationship. For instance, perhaps your partner adores their family and loves to be treated like a princess, and so proposing in front of them would make her feel proud and adored. Otherwise, you both may prefer being alone during the proposal to make it an intimate and exclusive occasion.

Write Something Special

It’s advised you write down some of the words you think you would like to say during your proposal and then leave these open for editing for when you think of new ideas. Choosing what to say is personal to you and your other half. Whether talking about some of your romantic stories, inside jokes, and/or adoration for your other half, what you want to say can never be wrong so long as you take your partner’s feelings into consideration. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you may even want to think about writing a poem or song. You know yourself and partner better than anyone, so it’s best to work out what you’re comfortable with and what will get your message across and go with it.

Now you have a few ideas to create a proposal that’s right for your relationship, it’s time to put this into action and start planning the big day.