Rajendra Prasad One Of The Best Comedy Movie- GaaliSampath

Crime thrillers, mystery romance, drama tragedy may not be everyone’s cup of tea. After the day’s hard work, when you Telugu movies watch online, and you might want to watch something comic and laugh out loud. In such situations, it is recommended that people watch a light comedy or something that would make them feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the screen. If you are someone who loves to watch a slice of life and is interested in watching some of the best comedies, you should watch this film, especially because it’s featuring Rajendra Prasad as Gaali Sampath. So let’s get to know about the cast, crew and the story of GaaliSampath.

It is the best Telugu slice of life directed by Anish Krishna, and it was produced by S. Krishna, Harish Peddi and SahuGarapati. The film featured many popular actors like Rajendra Prasad as GaaliSampath, Sree Vishnu as Suri, Lovely Singh as Papa, Tanikella Bharani as Station Master, Satya as GaaliSampath’s translator, Raghu Babu as Veerabhadram, Anish Kuruvilla as Bank Auditor and many others. The film was critically acclaimed by critics and the viewers who loved the concept of the movie.

The film’s story centres on a father and son duo who have almost nothing to lose and yet lose the most precious thing that is each other. However, the story does not end in tragedy because they find each other and embrace each other’s pain for attaining a new life once again. The story starts with Sampath, an ambitious radio jockey with a dream of becoming an actor. However, in a very unfortunate event during a rainy day, he loses his wife along with his voice due to a severe accident. However, he lives on with his son, who becomes a truck driver and has some respiratory issues.

Suri is head and heels in love with a girl in his village who happens to be the village headman’s daughter. However, because he does not have much money, he is dubious about if the village headman will agree to their marriage. Garnering some courage, he convinces the village chief to give him the hand of his daughter in marriage if he can settle down well in life. To prove that he is the eligible groom for the girl, he takes a loan of 5 lac rupees in cash from the bank manager and promises to return the money within a week’s notice. On the other hand, Sampath is also trying to get some money to pay Suri’s loan, and he participates in a competition to earn that money. Sampath has a friend who is also in love with the village chief’s daughter and asks Sampath about the upcoming marriage in return for getting a chance to win the competition. Watch what happens between Sampath and Suri when Sampath unknowingly ruins his son’s prospective marriage.

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