Split Air Conditioning Capabilities

If you already use air conditioning, you may have noticed that at times it doesn’t please you for its cooling capacity through an ac repair in my area. That’s where the importance of knowing about the air capacities and the best for your needs comes in.

Even if I don’t have it, you will also need to understand enough capacity to serve you when buying a new air. That’s because if you choose one with a lower capacity than indicated, it won’t cool down enough, and if you choose one more, you’ll spend more on acquisition and energy.

The capacity of each air conditioner is measured by BTU (British Thermal Unit), a unit of measurement of the power necessary for the appliance to work correctly. The calculation is based on the size of the area to be cooled; see below.

Split Air Conditioning 9000 Btus

A split air conditioner with a power of 9000 BTUs is recommended for rooms in homes that are up to 15m² and commercial spaces up to 12m². The difference between the two environments exists because, in commercial environments, there is a more excellent circulation of people, a more significant number of electronic devices turned on simultaneously, and more lamps that heat up more.

Split Inverter Air Conditioner 9000 Btus

There is a Split inverter air conditioner inside the house with a capacity of 9000 BTUs. The difference between it and the one mentioned above is that the inverter will generate much more significant savings at the end of the month in the energy bill. Indicated is for residential environments of up to 12m² such as bedrooms, living rooms, and for commercial environments of up to 15m².

12000 Btus Split Air Conditioning

The 12000 BTU power air conditioner is one of the most commonly used. It is suitable for residential environments with ​​up to 20m² and, for use in a commercial environment, it is suitable for use in areas with up to 15m², its operation is more efficient in bedrooms and living rooms.

Split air conditioning 18000 BTUs

The 18000 BTU split air conditioner must be installed and used in residential environments with a territorial area of ​​up to 30m² and commercial environments with up to 25m².

Split Air Conditioning 24000 Btus

If you need a little more power to cool rooms larger than those mentioned above, you can count on 24000 BTUs. The power of this type of device guarantees excellent comfort and well-being in the right measure for residential and commercial spaces of medium to large size.

Btu Calculator

We know you’ve followed the above topics and learned about the footage for each of the capabilities of your cooling system. But what if you have more space than what is said in these topics? How do you know what the ideal BTU is?

It is possible to rely on a BTU calculator. There are several of them available on the internet. So, you indicate the space you need to refrigerate, the number of people on average circulating in the place, and it will give you the exact indication of the capacity you need.